Mexcican Drug War

An underworld war between drug gangs, elite troops and the police is raging in Mexico, medieval in its barbarity, its violence and brutality unprecedented, even in a country accustomed to high levels of drug violence.
The violence includes beheadings, a raid of local police station by men with 50-caliber machine guns, grenades and bazookas, daytime kidnappings of top law enforcement officials and fighter jets from the Mexican Navy fly reconnaissance missions overhead.
Officially Mexico’s law enforcement officials claim that the increasing violence is a sign of progress since dismantling the major organized crime families in the country set off a violent struggle for trade routes,etc.
But this is only half of the truth. Fact is that the old order has been fractured, meaning that times where for decades corrupt police officers and drug gangs have worked together in relative peace. The interference of federal forces has broken up a longstanding system in which the local police looked the other way for a bribe and cartel leaders went about their business.
Approximatly 6000 soldiers, along with thousands of federal agents, have increased the pressure on the gangs, yet, the mobstars have put up a fierce amount of resistance. Mostly they chose to fight it out rather than surrender.
It remains to be seen if contiouse pressure will destroy the gangs in the long run since many of the nation’s most-wanted drug kingpins continue to escape federal forces, often with the help of local police officers. The question remains can the problem be solved if the rotten and corrupt system remains in place?


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why is there not more about Mexico in our press? The social issues are immense and astounding, yet the coverage is pitiful. My post uni plan is to head to Mexico and establish some freelance foreign correspondence work, but will anybody even publish it?