Woman’s lips and what it tells about her personality

While some men solely focus on the body of a woman, some other men feel it is the eyes and lips that they can’t get past. This is because a woman’s eyes and lips tell a lot about her personality and what’s going on in her mind. Some men report that they notice a woman’s lips way before her eyes. This might be the reason why women spend so much time to practice the perfect pout, highlight their lips with lip balm and gloss to give an effect of fuller lips.

Market research from the prestigious French company Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) claim that the shape of a woman’s lips reveals a lot about the profile of her personality. Other experts believe that it is not really the shape and size of a woman’s lips that really define her personality but it is how they hold them. Some experts pay lot more attention to the corners of the mouth when it comes to understanding a woman’s personality through her lips.

YSL has in fact developed a curious guide regarding the shape of a woman’s lips and what it says about her personality. You can do that too easily at your home. Wear a dark lipstick and print the shape of your lips on a sheet of white paper or simply stand in front of a mirror. Compare the description of various types of lips given below and check if your lips really reveal your personality.

Seductive lips
Description – Well-defined lips with a slight elevation of the upper corners
Personality – Your lips show you are intelligent and outspoken. You are also kind hearted, generous, honest, respectable and at the same time very seductive. Your well-shaped mouth shows that you are successful and blessed with prosperity. The rounded lips and balanced texture symbolizes strength, health and a full and long life.

Wild lips
Description – Full lips and big mouth
Personality – You are a lucky woman! You’ll always be extremely popular. Every where you go, you’ll be the centre of attention. You also have a knack for success in business, mainly in the entertainment industry. However, to attain so much success you’ll need to balance your wild side.

Cherry lips
Description – Red lips showing a slight upward tilt and rounded tips
Personality – Cherry lips are highly desirable among women. Your lips show you are a perfect blend of intelligence, wisdom and understanding. Your personality makes you very loyal to friends and a wise counsellor. Your company will always be influential and appreciated.

Burning lips
Description – Full lips and slightly wider
Personality – Your lips show you are conventional and conservative. However, those who are close to you will find you a warm and passionate person. You are also eloquent and persuasive.

Lips of fire
Description – Thin lips with the tips bent down and with a downstream separation visible in the middle of the lower lip
Personality – The characteristic feature of your personality is your independence. Those around you will have no choice but to follow your rules. However, your strong character prevents you from being destined to find your soul mate. In your life, you’ll be secure, honest and happy.

Curved lip
Description – A tip of the lips is tilted upward and the other designs a line down, making an attractive curve
Personality –Your lips reveal you are loquacious, outgoing and lively. You love to have fun in your life and have a happy life. In addition, your special lip lines indicate that you have much success in financial matters.

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