Hyped #9

Another round of Hyped, starting with some experimental electronica from London based Seams. Currently getting ready to go on tour with Gold Panda, Seams creates intricate electronic bleeps and squeeks from his home studio. Its a sound that I am really into at the moment, with the likes Dante Nou and Silver Columns also putting out some great stuff. Looking forward to seeing his live set up at tomorrow nights Ill Fit, which im playing some records at. Full details here. Check out his myspace below.


London has a lot indie bands and a lot of indie bands pass through it. It has a lot of indie nights, which a lot of indie bands play. This is of course not news to anyone. So when an 'indie' band comes long that actually make you stop and listen, they really stand out. Fiction look and sound different, they have a sort of swagger and uniqueness about them. Its hard to put in to words so you can see a live session here and check out their myspace and a bit of you tube action below.


Up last for this week - Philadelphia Grand Jury. I came across this band on the usual myspace trawl and noticed they were playing the Best Coast, Yuck - Madame Jo Jo show on the 4th of May. The first thing you hear is the opening scream of 'The Casino' and then you get what is possibly the most addictively catchy pop record of this year so far. On the strength of this single, its hard to see this band not being a success. Good name, good look and good old fashioned rock and roll. You have to say, it works. They have the single for Free on their myspace, so download while you can.

Philadelphia Grand Jury


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