New Music Video 'Backyard Superman' Explores Digital Possibilities On A Budget

Eric Ness has unveiled a new video by Sergej Hein for his single 'All The Things You Are'. Both Sergej and Eric are young incredible talents well-deserving of recognition. Below are the YouTube and Vimeo links so please check the video out, share with your friends and promote young creative talent.

WATCH 'Backyard Superman' on YouTube:

WATCH 'Backyard Superman' on Vimeo:

About the Video: 'Backyard Superman'
Song: ‘All The Things You Are’
Release Date: 10th November 2010

Norwegian Artist Eric Ness transforms into London’s very own Superman. It seems even the ability to fly doesn't stop Eric from struggling to manage his daily life in East London. To make matters worse, his best mates are 3 disembodied heads with an infatuation for beer.

About the Film Maker - Sergej Hein:
Sergej Hein studied Moving Image at The University of Arts Berlin. After his first year he transferred to University of East London and this year he graduated in Moving Image - Contemporary Arts and Animation.

Hein has shown his work at film festivals all over the world, most notably at Stuttgard and the East London Film Festival. His latest animation “Berlin Block Tetris”, a parody of the former Socialist building style, has received an impressive 238 800 views on Vimeo and YouTube alone.

Hein strives to explore the surreal through the manipulation 2D and 3D space and the juxtaposition of live action and animation. His work is playful and seeks to experiment with digital possibilities.

About the Artist - Eric Ness:
“...more musical inventiveness and catchy melodies than most artists entire careers.” - Skiddle 

Eric Ness is a Norwegian Artist residing in London. He's spent this past year developing his sound - best described as Glam Jazz - and completely revamping his entire band with the addition of 2 female back-up singers, a Canadian mandolin player and a brand new guitar/back-up singer. 

His new sound has received incredibly positive reviews from the likes of The London Word, Gig Junkie, Swistic Ming, Joseph Norman, Gig Junkie, Glasswerk and RawMg Magazine. His music is packed full of heart and soul with indie-style guitar strums intermingled with trumpets, pianos and harmonised vocals to create a totally unique stripped down sound. What's a live performance by Eric Ness like? I think The London Word described it best as: “ injection of raw, unadulterated fun".

Eric, so early in his career, has already been described as a “musical messiah” and “unlike anything in the charts right now”. With a new band line-up, the most inventive and energetic live act on the scene and his first ever music video…this is most definitely Eric’s year to shine.

“Unique, ballsy; as a songwriter he’s infinitely more interesting...” - Glasswerk

Eric Ness Tour Dates:
01/12 - Proud Camden - London:
8-10/12 - Various Venues - Oslo, Norway

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For more information contact:
Joss Frank / / +44 79 2975 8410


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