People & Animals

Pets offer companionship and make life worth living.
People offer friendship and form warm relationships in life.
But there's more to life than what we see daily in our lives.
There are things which are naked to the eye and can be viewed by anyone.
Then there are other things which are hidden and can only be understood by a few people.
That's why,perhaps,we hear of abstract art,conceptualized art,symbolic art... etc
These(to me)were started because artists of that time felt that there was more to nature and the world than what met the eye.
So they decided to challenge themselves and the society at large.
This task,though,was and is still not easy to accomplish.
People still experience difficulty in interpreting some of the work.
May be that's why the first conceptual artists stuck explanatory texts beside their work.
I don't know why the texts were dropped but I do know that they might work in Africa.


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