CLOUD wall lamp

I have been thinking about design in the context of ORGANIC LIGHT and I am pleased to announce the launch of the first two exclusive products in this collection; CLOUD wall lamp and CORAL lamp.

Like a natural cloud, CLOUD wall lamp diffuses the direct light of the source. The reflection, the cast shadow and the warm indirect light make the CLOUD appear like its natural counterpart in the sky.

CLOUD wall lamp consists of Poplar wood slices which are cut using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser technology. The modular two dimensional wood slices are assembled using a clever stacking system, so that a three dimensional organic shape is created.

One face of the CLOUD is coated with high quality white paint, the other face remains as natural untreated Poplar wood. This allows the owner to select their preference of finish and to even swap the finish depending on their mood.

The CLOUD wall lamp has a limited production run and the first edition will produce just 15 examples to assure exclusivity for the customer.

Material: birch veneer wood, two sockets, 4 screws and attachmet/ mountig instructions
Size: 937 x 331 x 142 mm
Color: natural wood color and white